Letter from the President

February 1st, 2018

To the IAJRC Membership:

As newly-elected president of the IAJRC, it saddens me to announce that we are suspending operations and ceasing publication of the Journal, as it is known, as of the 2018 membership year. All dues payments will be refunded unless otherwise desired, and the remaining two 2017 Journals will be published in some form.

The organization has been consistently falling behind in membership and, as it was, was unable to support continued publication of the Journal as its only useful asset. However we recognize the tremendous value and potential of the entirety of our resources, if remodeled for a more expansive audience.

After a business breakdown period of several months, those with interest from within the IAJRC may discuss the future for a group such as ours, which would include a greater internet presence.

Many more details are contained in the email and postal letters that were sent to members earlier this month. If you need a copy of that letter, kindly email me using the form below.

The original IAJRC website will remain in place, but inactive, for an extended period until further decisions are made.

We thank you deeply for your continued support through uncertain times.


Shelley Wruk Finke
President IAJRC

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