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Red Nichols and his Five Pennies

"Brunswick Brevities" and "The Heat" Series, Radio Transcriptions 1929-1930

Product Details

  • Audio CD: Released 1995
  • Material Recording Dates: 1929 - 1930
  • Material Recording Locations: NYC
  • Source Material: Brunswick and MCA test 78 RPM discs
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: IAJRC
  • Catalog Number: CD-1011
  • Number of Pages In Booklet: 12
  • Total Playing Time: 64:37
  • Remaining stock: Good

Listen to Track Samples

1. Say It With Music (theme)/Announcement
2. I May Be Wrong
3. Say It With Music (theme)/Announcement  
4. They Didn't Believe Me
5. Say It With Music (theme)/Announcement  
6. On the Alamo
7. Say It with Music (theme)/Announcement  
8. That's-A-Plenty / Say It with Music (closing theme)/Announcement
9. The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise (theme)/Announcement  
10. Can't Yo' Hear Me Callin' Caroline  
11. Margie  
12. Wait for the Happy Ending  
13. Whispering  
14. Announcement  
15. My Future Just Passed / Oh, Baby! / My Future Just Passed  
16. Turn on the Heat (theme)/Announcement  
17. After You've Gone  
18. Announcement  
19. St. Louis Blues  
20. Announcement  
21. Call of the Freaks  
22. Announcement  
23. The Sheik of Araby  
24. Turn on the Heat (theme)/Announcement  
25. Strike Up the Band / Alexander's Ragtime Band / Strike Up the Band  
26. Announcement  
27. Black and Blue  
28. Ain't Misbehavin' / Black and Blue  
29. Announcement  
30. Sweet Georgia Brown  
31. I Ain't Got Nobody / Sweet Georgia Brown  
32. Announcement  
33. Ballin' the Jack  
34. Walkin' the Dog / Ballin' the Jack  
35. I Lost My Gal from Memphis  
36. Here Comes Emily Brown  

Collective personnel: Red Nichols, Charlie Teagarden, Manny Klein, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Granato, Jimmy Dorsey, Sid Stoneburn, Bud Freeman, Adrian Rollini, Lou Raderman, Ed Solinsky, Joe Sullivan, Teg Brown, Gene Krupa, Roy Evans, Benny Goodman, Babe Russin, Tommy Thunen, John Egan, Irving Brodsky, Herb Taylor, Fed Livingston, Pee Wee Russell, Henry Whiteman, Maurice Goffin, Tommy Felline, Jack Hanson, George Beebe, Scrappy Lambert and others.