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Guitar Rarities

Volume Two (1933-1947)

Product Details

  • Audio CD: Released 2002
  • Material Recording Dates: 1933 - 1947
  • Material Recording Locations: NYC, London and Chicago
  • Source Material: Decca, Brunswick, RCA Victor, Bluebird, Coral, Parlophone and Milton G Wolf 78 RPM Commercial and test discs
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: IAJRC
  • Catalog Number: CD-1018
  • Number of Pages In Booklet: 20
  • Total Playing Time: 64:57
  • Remaining stock: Good

Listen to Track Samples

1. Sweet Georgia Brown (a)
2. Swinging on Strings (a)
3. Hittin' on All Six (b)
4. Violetta (b)
5. A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody (c)
6. Soft Lights and Sweet Music (c)  
7. The Toy Trumpet (c)  
8. Minuet in Jazz (c)  
9. A Study in Brown (b)  
10. Swinging Guitars (b)  
11. Cariña (b)  
12. Satan Takes a Holiday (b)  
13. Nagasaki (d)  
14. Oh, Lady Be Good! (c)  
15. Liza (c)  
16. Japanese Sandman (c)  
17. Raggin' the Scale (c)  
18. Stage Fright (alt. take) (e)  
19. Swoon of a Goon (f)  
20. G Minor Spin (f)  
21. Funny, Funny, Funny, What a Dime Can Do (g)  
22. You're Gonna Get My Letter in the Morning (g)  
23. No Moon At All (g)  
24. When Ia a Kiss Not a Kiss  

(a) Harris-Mairants-Elliott-Young
(b) John Cali-Tony Gattuso
(c) Paul Whiteman
(d) Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees
(e) Carl Kress-Dick McDonough
(f) George Barnes-Ernie Varner
(g) Mary Osborne Featuring guitarists George Barnes, John Cali, Tony Gattuso, Albert Harris, Carl Kress, Ivor Mairants, Dick McDonough, Mary Osborne, Allan Reuss, Art Ryerson, Frank Staffa.